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4 qualities that your biz-tech partner must possess


Domain experts, with hands-on experience with various technology stacks. Tech architects who build an ecosystem to make your business idea seamlessly connect with all touch points. In short, make tech work like magic for your business – fluid, accurate, quick – just like magic!


Find a partner who gives you sound advice for your product to go-to-market today and helps you plan for scale- requiring two different strategies to fit your pocket now and then. You must have a partner who will advice and give feedback on building and marketing a powerful business idea backed by technology.


Your tech partner must be recognized for quality in-house, end-to-end developers, UX experts and QA engineer, thus building a robust engineering systems. They should be not only known for delivering intuitive, intelligent apps, but also for their scalable and secure integration capabilities.


If only building your business on technology was a one-time process. It is not and it will never be. You need a partner who will commit to your success by delivering on time, every time. Be it a small or a big requirement, one-time or evolving need, be in building or transfer of knowledge. Like in all matters of life, you need a committed partner watching out for your success.

Popskittles Engineering Studio is run by a team passionate about building sound, secure and scalable engineering systems for all business. We specialize in Mobile Applications, Desktop Clients, Cloud Technologies, IOT Programming and Web Systems.

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